Montserrat to host the 2014 Leeward Islands Basketball Championship for Men

2014-11-09 12:08:42 MST
General Secretary of the St.Kitts-Nevis Amateur Basketball Association Mr. Wallis Wilkin is lauding the Monsterrat Amateur Basketball Association in their efforts to resurrect the long dormant Leeward Islands Basketball Association Tournament.
Wilkin joined veteran Antiguan Basketball administrator Fitzroy Bran in making the call for the revival of the sub regional tournament last year in light of what they both saw as a general downturn in the interest and standard of sub-regional basketball.
The call of both Bran and Wilkin and other former and current administrators and players has been heeded as the Monsterrat Amateur Basketball Association has stepped up and will in December host the Leeward Islands Mens Basketball Championships which will in essence mark the revival of the famed LIBA Tournament of the 80’s and 90’s. The last LIBA Tourney was held in Antigua in 2001 where St.Kitts took home the Championship.
The tournament will also be used to re-establish the Leeward Islands Basketball Association. With representatives from some 8 Basketball Federations it is envisioned that an Executive will be elected and mandated to run the affairs of the re-established LIBA.
It is hoped that the LIBA will be accepted as a qualifier for the regional CBC Tournaments. 
The Leeward Islands Basketball Championship will be hosted in Montserrat as part of a Grand Opening of an Indoor Facility on the island. The tournament is scheduled for December 4-9, 2014.